Elder Court Structure

The name, Elder Court (Court), is being used to distinguish the elder chairman’s “executive committee” from other “executive committees” which may exist within the MKP-USA and MKP-I structure.

The court consists of an elected Chairman, elected Vice-Chairman and elected Ritual Elder Coordinator.  The Chairman will appoint to his Court some or all of the following officers:

  • Scribe
  • Elder Development Coordinator
  • Elder Council Events Coordinator
  • Elder Communications Coordinator
  • Elder Historian
  • MKP-I Council Representative
  • Youth representative


  • Acts on behalf of the Council of Elders between meetings.
  • Meets by conference call monthly and face to face at least once per year.
  • Acts as an advisory body to the Elder Chairman and Vice-Chairman.
  • Reviews Elder Council policy and recommends changes.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the Council structure each year and recommends changes, when needed, to enable the Council to operate authentically and to effectively accomplish its mission.
  • Reports its findings on such effectiveness to the Council at least annually.
  • Minor changes in policy may be enacted by the Court given a 2/3 majority agreement among the members. Major actions requires a 2/3 majority of Elder Council members present at an official business meeting, with agreed upon changes to take effect immediately.



  • Chairs the meetings of the Council.
  • Is responsible for updating and fulfilling the requirements of the MKP Annual Operating Plan, the MKP-USA Action Log and the elder body budget of funds that are held by the MKP-USA and MKP-I Councils.
  • Keeps the MKP-USA Council updated on Elder Council matters.
  • Works closely with the members of the Council of Elders and is responsible for the planning and leadership of three yearly Council meetings: one in person and two by email and telephone.
  • Is responsible for the maintenance of the Elders-Contacts, Elders-Talk, Elders-Info, and Elders-Ritual email lists in conjunction with the Communications Coordinator.
  • Is accessible to Ritual Elders, LKS, Leaders and any other constituent group that may ask for and require assistance regarding the elders within the MKP-USA.
  • Provide requested reports to MKP-USA Council of Elders and makes these reports available to Elders by posting to the MKP-USA Elder web list and at http://elders.mkp.org
  • Appoints a man as a voting member of the MKP-I and MKP-USA Councils who is called the Elder Representative Or may himself be that member.
  • Authorizes expenses up to $2000.00 from funds held on behalf of Elders by the MKP-I Council.  Works with the Chief Financial Officer of MKP-USA Council in keeping financial records.


  • (With Chairman) develops an understanding of the Chairman’s duties so in the Chairman’s absence he can step-in and take over the Chairman’s work responsibilities as needed.
  • In the absence of the Chairman, presides and conducts Council business meetings, including the preparation and timely distribution of the agenda.
  • Assists the Chairman in carrying out his responsibilities toward the Project and the Elder Council.
  • Coordinates the phone meetings between himself, the Chairman and the lead Elders of the MKP-USA centers


  • Responsible for accurate minutes of all official actions of the Elder Council and Court; motions made and passed. Record changes to this MKP-USA Eldership Guidebook.  Means to all members of the Elder Council
  • Serves as the Secretary of the Court, keeping the meeting minutes and distributes through the Elder web page.
  • Assists with the administration of the Elders email lists.
  • Creates and maintains the Elder Council Decision Log.


  • The REC is nominated by the ritual elders of MKP and elected at a meeting of the Elder Council.
  • The REC is empowered to make decisions that involve ritual Elders including calling peer reviews of Ritual Elders and his services are available upon request to other MKP-I regions.

The MKP-USA Ritual Elder Coordinator is the Chairman of the Ritual Elder Committee and responsible to the MKP-USA Elder Chairman.  He is concerned with quality control and he and his committee is selected by the MKP Elder Council.  The Ritual Elder Coordinator and his Committee receives designed proposals from a Mentor and a Declared Elder before his candidacy begins.

  • Appoints the Ritual Elder Committee
  • Presides over the Ritual Elder Committee. 


  • Sponsors the development of educational activities that support the path of Elders on their Elder journey.
  • Appoints an Elder Development Committee
  • Presides over the Elder Development Committee


  • Is responsible for oversight of the annual World Elder Gathering [WEG]; including the appointment of the Chairman of the WEG Committee in consultation with the hosting Center.
  • Presides over the Council of Elders Events Committee


  • Acts as technical administrator of internet involvement.
  • Distributes information (i.e.: access of publications, programs, trainings and the Council of Elders mission, etc.) to MKP-USA and MKP-I elders through the Internet.
  • Distributes information about the activities and programs of the Council of Elders to the larger MKP-USA and MKP-I membership as requested by members of the Court.
  • Distributes information on behalf of the MKP-USA Elder Council with non-MKP Elders.
  • Serves with the Events Coordinator to distribute information about various MKP-USA Elder Programs, including the World Elder Gatherings.
  • Is responsible for the maintenance of the Elders-Contacts, Elders-Talk, Elders-Info, and Elders-Ritual email lists in conjunction with the Chairman.